Friday, June 20, 2014

Back on the Grid

I apologize for going off the grid this week.  It's vacation time and the family packed up last Saturday and headed to Hershey, PA, Ocean City, MD, and Washington D.C. for a fun filled week of loafing.  We had a blast, but we are all exhausted, I threw my back out from too much walking/standing (Dave is blaming roller coasters) and we're all ready to get back into our routine.  While it was nice to get away, I'm glad we're back.

The first picture in today's post was taken at Hershey Gardens.  If you've never been there, I recommend going because it is absolutely beautiful and peaceful there. 

The shot below was taken outside of the White House by a very nice stranger.

More Hershey Gardens.

We designed and made our own chocolate bars at Chocolate World (yes, such a place exists) where they made us wear hair nets.  I'm thinking this is not a look that's going to catch on. 

Finally, we made a brief detour to see the Atlantic Ocean. Kira's seen the Pacific Ocean and I though it was important that she sees both coasts.  I took a lot of ribbing from my family on my beach attire, but honestly, I don't own any beach attire because I don't really like sitting in sand and I refuse to swim in anything where I'm unsure what's in the water with me.  This was strictly a see the ocean and continue on our way stop.

Back to Reality!

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