Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lost and Found

I'm a big fan of Facebook.  Maybe that means I'm showing my age since only old people are supposed to be using it anymore, but it's enabled me to reconnect with people who I lost touch with, but who were a very important part of my life growing up.  Today, my brother's best friend from high school posted the picture above on my wall.  It's my dad probably when he was in his late forties.  It took me a minute to figure out where the photo was taken and it dawned on me that they were sitting in the kitchen a their church.  My dad passed away about nine months ago and I miss him every day, but seeing pictures like this brings him back in just a very small way, so thanks to my brother's friend for making me smile today!
Anyway, enough sappy.  I've been sitting in a parking lot all week after work waiting on Dave to get there to take over the vigil as we wait for Kira's soccer camp to end.  The child has been BUSY this week with gymnastics on Monday, soccer camp Tuesday through today, gymnastics for part of the practice and a meet and greet soccer pool party tomorrow for her new club team. It's exhausting and I haven't had the energy to post anything (sorry!)  


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