Monday, October 6, 2014

Rule Breaker

I'm "technically" not supposed to wear too high of heeled shoes because I had back surgery about six years ago and high heeled shoes are really not good for you.  When I hurt myself (pilates thank you very much), I gave away any shoe measuring 3 inches or over and bought a lot of flats.  For well over a year, all I wore was flats and it was depressing as hell because while very comfy, flats are not very flattering when wearing a business suit.  When I ran across these shoes in DSW, I seriously considered just walking away from them and then I made the mistake of trying them on.  You see from the pictorial evidence how this all ended.  I measured these things during a conference call this morning and yes, they are at that 3 inch taboo mark.  And yes, my back hurts and my knees hurt after wearing them all day. But they sure looked good!!  I'll be wearing flats tomorrow as payback for today!


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