Friday, January 2, 2015

Elephants on Parade

On New Year's Eve, Kira and I popped into Ann Taylor because they were having 60% off all their sales items.  I purchased four new lovely oxfords for a steal and when we were checking out, my eye wandered over to a display they had set up and noticed an elephant bracelet and necklace.  I'd seen them online, but they were kind of pricey at the time, so I ignored them.  However, on NYE, they were also on sale and also 60% off.  Now they are mine!  Kira was literally mortified that I purchased a necklace with elephants and was even further annoyed that I'm wearing them.  To make matters worse, I decided to pair them with my elephant oxford cause yeah, I am that kind of mom. At least I don't walk around in a housecoat....yet.


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