Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This is my Mom's side of the family.  In the back are my Uncle Kenny and my Mom.  In the front are my Uncle Bill and my Grandmother and Grandfather.  The really sad thing is only my Uncle Bill and my Mom are still alive. 

My Mom's family had a huge impact on shaping who I am as a person today.  My Grandmother was  the quiet strength of the family.  She did so much for so many people and never asked for anything in return.  She supported us and loved us unconditionally.  Family was very important to my Grandfather and we had tons of parties at his house and the lake cottage with family, extended family and friends.  My Grandfather was always there for us, quietly, or not so quietly, supporting us.  Always.    Funny how you really don't appreciate what people mean to you until they are gone and you fully realize what you've lost. 


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