Sunday, September 27, 2015

Love Fall!

I love fall!  It's my favorite season and it's one of my favorite seasons to plan outfits for.  It's still warm enough that you don't need to bundle up in a bunch of layers, but it's starting to be chilly enough to add more interesting elements into your outfits.  Let's be honest.  Noone wants to wear multiple layers, a bunch of makeup or really heavy accessories when it's 90 degrees outside, and I definitely don't do a great job with my summer outfits because I start to not care and start dressing for whatever will not cause me to sweat a lot.  I even stopped wearing lipstick, cause ugh and ick.  Now that it's fall, I'm looking forward to trying a little harder!

Mr. Kitty took over.  Sorry...he was shunning the camera.


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