Thursday, March 17, 2016

So, What Happened?

Life has been interesting since we last chatted.  The reason I took a break from blogging is I had an amazing job opportunity drop into my lap and I decided to pursue it.  With all the work and stress involved in getting ready for the interviews, I didn't have any extra time to spend on blogging.  I couldn't tell you this in October because I didn't want too many people knowing what I was up to.

I actually got the job around Thanksgiving and spent a month preparing to leave my employer of almost 20 years.  There was a lot of stress involved with that too.  And a lot of tears.  It was tough leaving them because they were my second family and I'm amazed I actually had the courage to do it. It took a lot of soul searching, but I made the right decision.

I started my new job at the first of the year and it's been a whirlwind of onboarding activities.  I haven't had time to take shots of my outfits and honestly, I'm dressing more conservatively than I did before.  They do not appreciate the pattern mixing to the degree I'm capable of, so I toned it down.  A lot.  Except for the shoes....I need pretty shoes to be happy.

Then, my darling daughter had a bad accident at gymnastics and fractured and dislocated her elbow. Because of where the break was, she had to have surgery to fix it including some icky pins in her elbow.  The pins were removed last week and she's now in rehab to rebuild her strength.  She's hoping to continue competing, but we'll see in six weeks how much strength she's rebuilt.

So, with the exception of the elbow thing, all is going well.  I'm happy at my new job and most everyone is really nice to work with.  I'm looking forward to finishing out my career there because I never want to go through the stress of quitting again.

I'll try to take some shots of the more conservative me at some point once I feel more calm in my new life!


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