Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bounce Like a Tigger

I left work early today to meet up with the family at Dave and Buster's and then we went to Sky-zone
which is an entire facility devoted to trampoline bouncing.   Yeah, trampolines.   I have been beside myself excited all week long because I love to bounce!  They had trampoline dodge ball, trampoline foam pits, trampoline basketball nets and then an entire basketball sized spot with multiple little trampolines that you can jump between plus trampoline walls.  I found out tonight that I should not be jumping into foam pits at my age.  At one point, I thought they were going to have to airlift me out of there.  All in all, we had a blast! 

My outfit today was chosen for ease of the bounce.  I ditched the sweater, untucked the shirt, and had at!


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