Sunday, February 2, 2014

Called Out

Laverne and Shirley ruined letters as accessories for me since my name starts with an "L".  Anytime I think about wearing a single monogram letter, pins with my first initial or letter necklaces, the big "L" Laverne wore on all her clothes pops through my mind and I can't do it.

My sweatshirt yesterday  needed something and I was drawing a blank with all my necklaces, so I pulled out the one initial piece I own.  It's been over thirty years since that show was popular and I thought surely people have forgotten about the big "L"s on Laverne's clothes.  I was wrong.  Dave walked by, looked at me and said, "Are you channeling Laverne? 

Are you freaking kidding me?  I told him that he was mean and feeding into my letter insecurities.  I still wore the brooch all day, but I was more self conscious. Thanks babe.  Thanks a bunch.

Outfit Details:
Shirt - Talbots
Sweatshirt - J Crew
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Converse
Bracelet - Pandora


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