Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Rain Descends

Let's face it, I'm not a big outdoorsy-type person.  However, when you have a child who's extremely athletic and said child takes up soccer as a sport and is good at it, you kind of have to adapt. 

I have been rained on so many times this week, I've lost count.  It was soccer try-out week in our area this week and as we sat in the stands watching her try out, it rained on us.  Rained super hard.  She was in a soccer tournament this weekend and Dave wouldn't let me drag my tent out because that was "just ridiculous".  You know what, I saw the rain start pouring down on the field next to us and watched as people started screaming and running for their cars.  The kids kept playing.  Guess where my tent was?  In the car.  Yeah.  The car.  Great place for a weather tent.  The car.  I was ticked, but at this point, it was too late to go after it, so I moved the chair under my umbrella and hunkered down.  Wet.  I don't do "wet".  Then today, it drizzled on us just enough to be annoying and it's chilly.  It's the last day of May and it's like 60 degrees out.  Thankfully, soccer is over for a few weeks and we can enjoy the climate controlled comfort of the gym for her gymnastics practices.  I like those.  They're indoors.


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