Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Take Them

I have been grossly neglectful of my blog lately.  I take the pictures each morning, but by the time I get through running around at night, I'm tired and just sit on the couch reading.  I'm also still in my winter funk and it snowed today, so that won't help.  Spring cannot come soon enough!

Mr. Kitty has started having seizures.  He had one Thursday night and also had one the previous Thursday night.  I decided enough was enough and took him to the vet today (our vet has Sunday hours).  They did a thorough workup on him and took an xray of his chest because he does have some breathing issues.  We  found out he has congestive heart failure, which may be leading to the seizures.  They put him on medication to try to drain some of the water around his heart, but they have no idea at this point what his life expectancy will be.  It will be shortened, that's for sure, but to what degree, only God knows.  At least for whatever time he has left, he will be very loved.


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