Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This and That

We have logged an incredible amount of sporting related activities over the past several days plus my baby girl turned 11 on Saturday.  First, on Saturday, her birthday spectacular with amazing gifts and lots of love.  Then, out to the freezing cold where she played her first outdoor soccer game of the spring season.  They lost.  Then off to a gymnastics meet where Kira placed first all around, first on bars, first on beam, second on floor and second on vault.  YAY!  Then on Sunday, the child played three soccer games...one outdoor (lost again) and two back to back indoor (won one, tied one).  Then last night, three hours of gymnastics practice AFTER her after school STEM club.  This is the reason why my posts are so sparse.  Today, she had soccer practice and tomorrow night, she has a game outside.  I get to test out my soccer chair tent tomorrow and I'm kind of excited to see how it works.  I'm too old to care if I look like a dork.  If I'm warm, I'll happily fly the dork flag on my tent!  Believe it or not, the child does get really good grades in school despite being so busy with extracurriculars.  If she was bombing out in school, none of this would be happening and I would be posting each and every day!


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