Monday, March 4, 2013

Call Me...The Stalker

I am a big fan of colorblocking and green is my favorite color.  When I saw these pants at J Crew, I really REALLY wanted them.  However, I am only willing to pay so much for clothes and these were way out of the level I'm willing to pay for pants.  So, I stalked them.  They sold out of my size and I thought, "Well, that's that."   After more stalking, they showed up on sale and I knew they were mocking me.  Then, the stars aligned, my size popped back in, J Crew marked them down an additional 30% off and voila, the pants are mine.  Ta da!

The belt I wore today is cute, but it's a giant pain in the bottom.  It kind of loops into itself and the end kept escaping from the loop.  By about 10 this morning, the belt wound up in my purse.  Take that belt!  I better go get it out of my purse, or it will travel with me for the next week.


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