Friday, March 15, 2013

What Do Target and Pajamas Have in Common?

I wore my pajamas to Target last night. Yes, you heard me. I walked out of my house, in my pajamas about 8:30 last night, drove to Target, walked to the housewares department, picked up 2 cupcake pans and a spatula, walked to the cashier, paid for them and drove back home. In.My.Pajamas. It's Dave's fault. He threw away my cupcake pans (yeah, grrrr) and I discovered it last night when I went to wash them. I was so angry, I didn't bother changing before running out to get replacment pans. The entire time I was walking around Target, I kept thinking, "I bet people would be really surprised that I post pictures of my outfits every day and that fashion is very important to me." I was wearing polka dot pajama bottoms if that makes any difference!  On the bright side, disaster averted, I baked three batches of cupcakes tonight for Kira's party tomorrow and I think things are in a good position that it shouldn't be too stressful putting the final touches on everything. 


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