Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dippin' Dots

Today's the big day.  Huge birthday party this afternoon and then a mini slumber party!  Kira woke me up at 6:10 this morning because she's so excited.  Now I'm downing caffeine just to keep it together before the party.

I took Kira to her guitar lessons this morning sporting this outfit with a navy blue polka dotted car coat (not pictured).  She was absolutely mortified because I have on so many polka dots today.  Then she looks at her skirt and looks at me and says "I'm wearing polka dots too".  Since I picked out her outfit, I looked back at her and said "Yes, I know".  My husband said the coat pushed it over the top.  I really just don't care!!!!!

I drove out in the pouring rain yesterday after finishing Kira's birthday cake to specifically buy this sweater and shirt (plus a skirt) at Black and White House Market.  They sent a coupon and a catalogue and I knew the sweater would match my neon pants from J Crew.  Yes, I have other stuff that matches the pants, but I needed these.  I want to look nice for the party, but I also need to be in something comfortable because at some point, I'll be out on the gym floor with the kids. 

Hope everyone has a spectacular Saturday!!!

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