Monday, March 5, 2012

In the Red Week

In the red has a really negative connotation for accountants (and my mastercard statement!).  This week, in the red means wearing something red each day during the work week.  Red isn't one of my favorite colors because it's too in your face bold.  I'm not afraid of color, but red to me is just an angry color.  Plus, I'm super pale, so I think red washes me out. 

To actually get some wear out of the red items in my closet, I'm forcing myself to wear at least one piece of red clothing each day during the work week.  I'm going back to polka dots, stripes and pastels this weekend, but bring on the red this week!

I really only need one or two red pieces of clothing in my wardrobe for my daughter's Chinese events, but I own several more than that.  I just never wear them.  I bought this blazer a couple of years ago at Ann Taylor.  I've maybe worn it maybe three times.  The dress was majorally marked down from Banana Republic and I bought it for this year's Chinese New Year Celebration (and then I wore something else).  The bracelet is the coolest thing ever!  It's actually a watch.  I bought it at HSN. 

Oh, and maybe only three people noticed I chopped off my hair.  Sometimes my detail oriented co-workers lack attention to detail!

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