Thursday, March 8, 2012

In the Red Day 4

Ok, one more day to go on my red challenge.  I seriously dislike this jacket.  I like the shape, I like how it fits, but I strongly dislike the color. I forgot I owned this jacket due to the aforementioned dislike of the color, but since we had casual day today and I was unprepared, this got pulled out.

All day long, I sat and thought, what color could I dye this?  I'm thinking the only color that would work is black.  Or, I try to bleach and see if it comes out more pinky in color because I love the color  pink.  I think if the dye works, this will be a more well worn article of clothing. 

I bought the garnet ring almost 8 years ago because it matched my bridesmaid dress in my cousin's wedding.  Yes, I am that insane and bought a ring to match a bridesmaid dress!

My daughter is totally on board with red week.  When I picked her up after school today, she pulled my coat back to make sure I was wearing red.  She keeps me honest!

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