Monday, March 19, 2012

Floral Monday

I wasn't planning on wearing these shoes today, but I have a pinched sciatic nerve and heels seemed like I'd be asking for trouble.  I pinched it by sitting on bleachers for three and a half hours at Kira's gymnastics meet.  I can even tell in these pictures I'm favoring my back.  Yes, that is pitiful, but I am a broken woman.

Anyway, I enjoyed my outfit today.  It made me feel like spring is here to stay.  The blouse is from Ebay and it is matches several things I already own.  The jacket was 40% off at Talbots (they keep sending me coupons!), and the pants were also 40% off from the Limited (also more coupons!)  My necklace is all turquoise and was handmade.  I bought it at the Dayton FCC's Chinese New Year party and this is the first time I've found something to wear with it.  I have a really hard time matching up turquoise, but I love the color.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

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