Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I bought a new computer on Saturday and started setting it up Sunday night.  I think it was driving my husband crazy because when we got home from Best Buy, I let the thing sit in the box in my craft room until Sunday night.  He was amazed that I didn't immediately pounce on setting the thing up, but to be honest with you, technology scares me, so, it took me a full day to get up the nerve to crack the box open.  I charged the battery Sunday night and got down to business setting it up last night, that's why I didn't post.  I bought a touch screen laptop and it is so very different from my old computer, it's taken a bit of getting used to and I'm still not there yet.  Windows 8 is not very friendly.  Last night I got so mad because I couldn't get the stupid computer to talk to Picassa, where I store my photos for the blog and gave up and went and read a book.  Tonight, however, I got angry and decided this thing was going down.  Google is my friend and they hooked me up with how to download Picassa and set up a icon on my desktop.  I did this all without the help of Dave and I am quite proud of myself!!!

On a non technology related note, did you know if you wear all green to work close to St. Patrick's Day, you're gonna take a lot of crap from your co-workers?  Consider yourself warned.


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