Monday, March 31, 2014

What A Night

When I got to gymnastics tonight, the other mom's there quickly informed me that Kira wasn't feeling well.  I look down onto the floor and she's sitting holding her side at her coaches' feet, so I caught her eye, mouthed, "Are you ok?" and she takes off running off the floor to see me.  When she gets to me, she bursts out bawling, says her tummy hurt and wouldn't let me touch it.  This wasn't at all normal activity for gymnastics since she loves it, so I knew she was in pain.  I pulled her out of practice, took her to urgent care and I'm happy to report, it's nothing serious...just a pulled muscle.  I typically don't overreact like that, but she was crying so hard, I knew it hurt and I was worried it could be something serious.  She's doing better now, albeit a bit cranky, and we're winding down the evening.  What a night! 


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