Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Big Day

My daughter turned 10 last week and we're celebrating today with a small slumber party.  In about an hour, my house will be overrun with little girls and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet before it ends.  I took yesterday off work to decorate and get things ready and I think it looks pretty cute in here.   I'm the "bad" parent who doesn't think carrots and apples are appropriate for a party, so I've got ice cream, chips, cookies and about 10 pounds of candy ready to go.  I think as long as they don't do it every day, it's not going to kill them to splurge. I'll shut them off at 9 tonight, but until then, it's anything goes!

I'm sure I'll look like hell in my blog post tomorrow because I'm getting way to old to stay up all night!!


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