Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicken Legs

I may have mentioned I only own two pairs of shorts.  This is the reason why - chicken white legs.  I didn't used to have chicken legs - it seems to be something that's happened as I got older.  I busted out the shorts because it's going to be about 105 degrees today.  Yuck.

 I LOVE this watch. It's a full sized Timex Weekender and you can buy additional bands to switch out the look.  I just picked this band up at Target last night!!

I also bought these bangles at Target last night. They reminded me of a much more expensive version from Pandora, but these were cheap!

 Here's my hubby.  I asked him to take a better picture of me while we were waiting for Kira to get out of her guitar lessons.  This is what the smarty pants did.  I warned him I was putting it on my blog.
Here's my standard Saturday morning Hauer shot!

Stay cool everyone and thanks for reading!

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