Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If It Looks Like a Duck....

Today's blog title is courtesy of my husband.  This outfit reminds me of something, but I can't think of what it is.  I keep leaning towards something you'd see in an elementary school classroom.  Kira thinks I look like the colors in a butterfly.  So I asked them to chime in on what they thought, and we landed with the duck comment.  I have to admit, the jacket is pretty bright. I just figured out what my outfit reminds me of!!!!! PADDINGTON BEAR!  Oh my, that's probably NOT a good thing!

Two of my staff are out on maternity leave right now and one of my staff took another position outside of Accounting last month.  It's pretty quiet around work right now, but one of my "mommies" is coming back to work on Monday and I am thrilled!  We're throwing a little welcome back party for her on Monday and we've been slowly decorating her cube for her comeback.  We took these pictures in my office today to pin up in her cube (we took them in my office with the door shut so noone knows how big of dorks we are!).  One of my other staff is on vacation this week, so we included her via a cariacture she has up in her cube (she' going to kill me when she gets back next week!)  We are super busy at work, but sometimes you have to take a little time to try to make other peoples' days brighter. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


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