Saturday, July 21, 2012

Perfectly Prep

Ahhhh Saturday. 

Today we are hosting two of our nieces for an epic play weekend.  I leave in a little bit to go pick them up and they are staying until tomorrow night.  Bring it on!!!!!  They are going to open gym (one is also a gymnast like Kira and the other is a cheerleader) then we're going for ice cream and then we're going to a huge indoor play zone with go karts, bumper cars, indoor mini golf and two story bouncy slides.  Yeah, I'm going down the slide today. Not sure about the go karts this time because Kira's the only one too small to ride them and I don't want her to feel left out.  After that, it's dinner out somewhere, playstation fun and probably we'll download a movie.  OHHHH and lots and lots and lots of sugary snacks!  It's fun to be an aunt and Kira benefits for more relaxed parents for the weekend!!!!

So, since we have an epic day of play planned for today, I had to pick my clothes accordingly and wound up putting this together.  It's very comfortable and I don't care that the shoes are over the top!  I had to wear something with know, the bouncy slide awaits!

I'm off to go play like a child!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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