Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last night, when we took the girls to Scene 75, the giant indoor play place for the young and old alike, we were in the bouncy area and these lights in the ceiling went off.  I was with my two nieces and Dave and Kira were on another bouncy thing.  The workers there told us we basically needed to evacuate due to some unsaid emergency.  Ok, we can do this without panic.  So, I grabbed my nieces hands, went to find Dave and Kira (who by the way gave me an annoyed look) and then shoved our shoes on and went towards the exit.  Then the workers said, nope, false alarm, so we got in line for the bumper cars.  The bumper car workers said, not a false alarm and much confusion ensued.  Then, another worker came rushing through the area yelling that everyone needed to get out NOW!  What a way to actually PANIC the crowd.  People started RUNNING towards the front door.  I made Kira and my nieces grab hands with me and we slowly walked towards the side emergency exit.  People are so stupid in a blind panic and raced passed the closest emergency exit in their need to get out.  There was no smoke, there was no impending doom, and while yes, we needed to leave, there was absolutely no reason for panic.

Outside, we waited for about 20 minutes to see what was going no and we finally gave up and left.  While we were on the highway driving back past the place, emergency equipment finally arrived and I've since decided that if something every truly goes down at that place, everyone is going to die.  It was the most unorganized, chaotic evacuation I have ever seen.  We still don't know exactly what happened, but we had a ball playing mini golf at another venue.

We're going back today....we've got bumper cars awaiting, hopefully with less drama.
Today's outfit was thrown together from my pile of whatever didn't need ironed.  My nieces are spending all Sunday with us too and I didn't want to bother with ironing today. 

 Here's the two story slide before it all went down hill (pardon the pun).  By the day, this slide is scary because it's got a really sharp drop off.
Us with the other evacuees.  You can't tell from this picture, but there were people EVERYWHERE, and way too close to the building if something truly bad was going on inside.

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