Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Drama

Kira used her own money Friday to buy a Littlest Pet Shop playset.  Her dad and I were against this acquisition because she really doesn't play with toys, but since she was using her own money, I thought it would teach her a lesson.  Today, while I was getting ready, I got the MOOOOMMMMM plea to come help her.  She had intentionally dropped bobby pins into the toy and couldn't figure out how to get them out.  Sigh.  We've found that craft chenile sticks can help extract a variety of unusual things and we used that to get the bobby pins out. Done and done!

Today's outfit was a bit tricky.  I originally paired the shirt with my neon yellow J Crew pants, but the shirt is short and the pants are short, so it looked really dorky.  What to do, what to do??? So, I grabbed some denim capris because they were ironed, grabbed a jacket I already ironed for work this week, found a yellow belt, some big jewelry and voila!  I was more than pleased with how this turned out because if you would have seen how it started, it's come a long way.

 The dog wants to be in the blog today.  I actually think she's waiting for a milkbone.
 Kira likes the jewelry shots.  The dog is an attention hog.
Kira wanted you to see the circles. 

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!


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