Thursday, September 13, 2012


 I was walking down the hall today and one of my co-workers gave me a shout out saying "Colorblocked!"  Well, I didn't really think of my outfit as being colorblocked.  Colorful, yes.  Blocked, not so sure.

We're having a food day tomorrow at work sponsored by our Fun Committee.  It's a "junk food" carry in, which is totally wrong, but ssooooo verrrry much fun!  Kira and I made Oreo fudge tonight to bring in.  Someone brought in 2 boxes of Twinkies, 2 boxes of Ho Hos and 2 jars of salsa already for tomorrow.  I'm not sure how the salsa fits in, but it should be interesting to find out!  It was fun to walk around today because clusters of people were discussing what they were making or bringing in.  Someone's bringing in a buffalo dip and I heard rumors that pork rinds were coming.  If someone brings in a veggie tray, we're holding them down and making them eat a Twinkie!  We may have to pass around caffeinated pop tomorrow afternoon after we all crash after the sugar rush!


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