Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Not Fall Until September 21

 I'm not letting go of summer, at least not yet.  I still have plenty of lightweight, bright colored clothes that I haven't worn yet to still wear.  It's also still in the 90's and that is not fall-like weather.  So, go away fall, summer still has some time left!  My color combination today was by accident.  I had the skirt hanging up and the door and then put the jacket over top of it because I was too lazy to walk the five feet to hang it up in my closet.  Then, when I was in bed the other night, I looked over at the two items hanging on the door and decided I liked the combo.  Voila!  Oh, and I still haven't hung the jacket up.  I think I need therapy.

I have no idea what I did this morning to push my necklace into my neck to give me a mark on my chest.  It didn't hurt, but I definitely had a mark.  I bet the seat belt did it!


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