Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beggar's Night

In Dayton, we've always called Trick or Treat Night, Beggar's Night. I'm not sure why, it's just the way it's always been.  I work in Cincinnati and years ago, I mentioned Beggar's Night and they had no earthly clue what I was talking about.  Who would have thought 40 miles would make that much of a difference in what things are called.

 My capris are color blocked and yes, this was on purpose.  I just purchased the pieces at different times and paired them together today.
 I was nervous wearing this today because it is really really REALLY bright, but I received numerous compliments.  I stalked this shirt at J Crew until it went on sale.  The original price was just too ridiculous.  The capris were on sale too and had I waited another week, I would have gotten them at a further marked down price with an extra 30% off.  Oh well.  Their sister color blocked capris arrived today and I got them for a steal!

 Here's my little devil in her Halloween costume.  She's currently braving the elements with her dad begging for candy (the origination of the term Beggar's Night!)  We're  not expecting a huge crowd because it's cold, very windy and spitting rain, but there are a few die hards out there traipsing around the neighborhood.  Come to our house kiddos cause I'll be giving out fistfuls of candy!!!!!


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