Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soccer Mom - Equestrian Style

 Well, the girls won round one of the soccer tournament and they play again this afternoon.  I wore my soccer mom sweatshirt yesterday, so I had to come up with something church/soccer field appropriate since we'll be in a rush after church today to eat lunch and get to the fields.  Dave criticized this sweater last year, so I was a bit nervous wearing it today.  So far, no comments from him!  He likes to make up cutsey, sometimes not so nice, labels for my outfits.

 My early morning nemisis.  I blocked the door today with a giant Longaberger basket so she couldn't scratch against it.  HAHAHAHAHAAH Mishsa! You had to WAIT for your Milkbone!  Funny thing is, she's expecting a Milkbone in this photo too. The dog has some issues.

Fingers crossed that the Eagles win and noone gets hurt!  Thanks to Kira for taking the extra shots today.  Sorry about the messy house background.  I really don't like to clean.


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