Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dog is Snapping at Me!

 The dog has been following me around the house for the past 5 minutes snapping at me.  I was packing my lunch for tomorrow and my lunchbox just happened to be near the Milkbones.  She internalized that I was in the kitchen with the sole purpose of providing her a Milkbone.  When I left the kitchen to head into the bedroom to lay my clothes out for work, she followed me.  All of a sudden, I hear "snap snap" by my hand, huffing from the dog and more "snap snap".  That dog had the audacity to try to "herd" me back into the kitchen to procure her a Milkbone.  Save your border collie skills for the sheep Misha.  Save it for the sheep.

It's our United Way campaign this week at work, so we were able to donate money to wear jeans all week.  Whoo hoo!


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