Friday, August 16, 2013


It's become a tradition where Kira and I have a mommy-daughter day the last Friday of the summer before she goes back to school.  School starts on Wednesday, so I took today off to spend with her.  We started our day baking cotton candy meringue cookies and by the way, we failed miserably because they taste awful, but, we had fun making them.  We then went to a pottery painting place in town and spent a couple of hours painting.  We ate lunch at Kira's favorite restaurant and then swung by her school to see which teacher she has for fourth grade.  The school still posts the class lists on the door right before school starts.  Kira didn't get the teacher she wanted, but at least last year's bully is in the other class!

The failed meringue project.
Outfit Details:
Sweater - Loft
Shirt and Jeans - Gap
Belt - Target
Shoes - Talbots

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