Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Commander

My husband occasionally likes to name my outfits stupid names.  Tonight, he dubbed me "The Commander".  I'm not sure a "Commander" would wear hens on their shirt, but I've always been a little different.

My little baby starts fourth grade tomorrow.  It's a big deal at our school because the pre-k through third grade are in one building in the city next to ours and the 4-8 grades are in a different building in our city.    They also start switching classes this year.  It seems like yesterday we were walking her into her kindergarten class and she walked off without waving goodbye.   I wasn't terribly upset by that because I want Kira to be independent, but I can remember thinking at that time that we were going to be in that building for a very long time and now we're gone and in the next building.  I had the good sense not to think that tonight at orientation because I know the next couple of years are going to fly by (sniff and now I am upset).  While I'm glad school is starting back up, I'm not looking forward to homework fights.  That kid can throw some epic hissies over homework.

Outfit Details:
Jacket - Boden
Shirt and Necklace - J Crew
Pants - Ann Taylor
Bracelet - Lydell NYC


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