Monday, August 12, 2013

Taylor Swift and the Red Tour

This weekend, we traveled from Dayton to Chicago to take Kira to a Taylor Swift concert at Soldier's Field.  Kira adores Taylor and she even started playing the guitar just to "be like Taylor". We left Friday afternoon and got to our hotel at the convention center late Friday night.  Dave requested a "city view" room and oh my gosh, our view was AMAZING!  It overlooked downtown, Soldier's field and the Lake Michigan.  Friday night, we saw the fireworks at Navy Pier from our room and they were having a Tall Ships festival and we saw at least 4 pirate looking ships from that festival floating around the lake. 

Whether or not you like Taylor Swift, she puts on an amazing concert and us and 49,000 other people were treated to a really good show!  I appreciated that even with what was considered her "racier" outfits that everything was covered and there's nothing inappropriate in her songs that would make you think twice before letting your child listen too. Added bonus, one of the opening acts was Austin Mahone and he's Kira's second favorite artist.  We didn't even realize he was one of the opening acts, so what a pleasant surprise for Kira!

Yesterday, before we left, we went further into downtown to shop on Michigan Avenue and to go up in the Hancock Building.  Kira and I hit Zara and Kira now has her very first kickin' kid's outfit from Zara.  While they were in the Hershey's Chocolate store, I went to Banana Republic.  I love that store because it's one of their flagship stores and they just have more merchandise than the BR stores in Dayton and in Cincinnati.  We tore it up in the three hours we were downtown before heading home.  Chicago is like our Disney World, so any opportunity to go there is always a fun time had by all!  Today was rough at work, but we really did have a good time!

We hit up the "merch"  while at the concert. 

We aren't stalkers.  We got lost in the mile and a half to the museums and ran into where Taylor Swift's semis were parked.  There were more than a few semis, but I only took pictures of these three.

Finally, a background shot without gymnastics mats in the background!

Here's the view from our room.  And now, back to reality!


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