Sunday, October 13, 2013

Corn Maze

Kira organized her own Saturday night fun, which didn't include us, so Dave and I went on a proper date.  Yeah, I know, amazing that we didn't just go to Target and the grocery store like we normally do when Kira ditches us.

Dave and I went to a corn maze near our house.  The thing was HUGE and on top of the maze, they had goats in a petting zoo like thingy, a pumpkin catapult and a bunch of other activities for little kids.

The maze was organized into sections color coded by tape and they handed us a map and told us that within each section, there were mailboxes to be found that contained clues on how to get out of the maze.  Then, they proceeded to tell us that there were two port-o-let stations within the maze just in case and there were two bridges you can climb to oversee the entire maze.  Since there was a bathroom in the maze, I was game to dig in.  So, Dave and I got lost in the maze.  We could hear the catapult launching while we were in the maze, but we didn't actually see any flingings because the corn was really really tall!  We were like little kids hunting for those mailboxes and I'm happy to say we found all but three and gave up towards the end because we got hungry and decided to go eat!!


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