Thursday, October 17, 2013


Something interesting happened to me today literally at our version of the water cooler at work.   I was talking to the project manager of one of the projects I work on and he said my fashion came up in a meeting the other day.  I was a little surprised and asked how that all came about.  He said the person talking was trying to remember my name and said something like, "You know, she has great shoes."  Then someone else in the meeting blurted out my name and the original person talking said "YES, that's her."  I was tickled, but honestly, I wear shoes that are comfortable.  I've had three different foot surgeries and back surgery, so I migrate towards low heels and things that don't compress my feet too badly.  I can't have shoes with heels over three inches and if I go above about 2 and a half inches, I pay for it for days afterwards.  I personally think my shoe choices aren't anywhere close to being as cool as what I see other people wearing, but I appreciate the compliment! I just hope what they were talking about work wise that was related to me was as favorable as their view of my shoe choices! 


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