Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Fall Festival That Didn't Happen - Thanks Rain

Today, the flute choir I am in was supposed to have  gig on the "big stage" at the Preble County Historical Society's Fall Festival.  However, the weather had different ideas.  Shortly after midnight, it started raining.  And not just raining....POURING rain. It poured all night.  It poured all morning.  It's been pouring all day.  We're supposed to get up to three inches of rain by tomorrow.  The festival couldn't compete with that kind of deluge, so it was canceled.  I guess it's ok.  I wasn't looking forward to playing in a tent in a downpour.  Instruments are expensive and I didn't want to risk my new flute getting wet.  However, the outfit I'm wearing today was what I planned to wear to the festival.  We were playing a variety of Celtic music, so I though the tartan was appropriate.

Next gig - a Christmas celebration.  Indoors.  Watch, it'll be a blizzard next time.  Gotta love Ohio weather!

Outfit Details:
Vest - Talbots
Shirt and Belt - J Crew
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Clarks
Necklace - Banana Republic


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