Thursday, April 25, 2013


3:30 a.m. is the time the dog decided to get stuck in the corner this morning.  First, she clacked her little toes all over the bathroom tile, "click, click, click", then, she moseyed back into the bedroom and walked to the corner where I keep some wrapping paper materials.  Next, I hear her shuffling through tissue paper.  At this point, I am up and pretty ticked.  I grabbed my book light and walked over to see what the issue was and she was stuck.  Not hurt stuck, just stuck stuck, like can't figure out that all she had to do was back up kind of stuck.  Dave had the carpet cleaner in our bedroom in my wrapping corner and the dog couldn't figure out that all she had to do was BACK UP.   After getting her situated, I was up up up up.  I was ok until late this afternoon and then I hit a wall.  I'm kind of pooped right now.  I am also kind of mad at the dog.


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