Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seersucker Layering

I was inspired by Banana Republic to pair my seersucker blazer with colored capris.  Then, I went a little over the top and put a bright pink sweater under it and to carry the summer theme, I wore my J Crew short sleeve chambray shirt under the sweater.  While I like the color combination, I was honestly uncomfortable all day and the shirt under the sweater puckered making it look like I have a bunch of fat rolls.  While I have fat rolls, they aren't quite as pronounced as the pictures make it seem.  Looking at the pictures tonight, I also don't like the cut of the capris.  I think they make me look hippy.  I have trouble with pants because I have a curvy shape and I think I look bottom heavy in most pants I wear.  Maybe I'm just having a down day because overall, I'm not satisfied with today's look.  Like I always tell Kira, if you have a bad day today, it doesn't mean tomorrow will be a bad day, so I'll adopt my own advice for once!


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