Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mixed Media

Everyone is a critic.  My family doesn't like that I take my blog shots in front of Kira's gym equipment.  This evening, they were providing constructive criticism as to where else in this house I should take my morning shots. Of course, there aren't any offers by the others to get up and help me move everything around to actually shoot the shots elsewhere, so the gym backdrop stays for now.

I drew inspiration for today's outfit from J Crew's website. They paired a minty gingham shirt with a floral skirt. I love their skirt, but I don't love the price, so I copied the outfit using stuff I already owned.  I know matching isn't supposed to be in fashion, but I decided a few days ago that I like to match and darn it, I'm going to match stuff. For me, fashion is about making myself happy in my outfit choices and I think I carry myself more confidently when I feel good about what I wear.  I truly felt good all day in this outfit.  Happy clothes make a happy me!


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