Sunday, April 29, 2012

Disco Nights

So, when I put on this outfit this morning, I knew I was going to get some form of comment from my husband.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got a "wow" and then he help up the peace sign to me with his fingers.  I am channeling a bit of a '70's fondue party with this, but it turned out pretty good.  I specifically bought the belt at Talbots yesterday for the waist of this blouse.  Kira liked all the colors in it except the gold.  For some reason, the gold annoyed her!  I changed out of this after church because I had to become gym mom and take Kira to a back handspring clinic in Cincinnati this afteroon.  My gym mom clothes are more tame (baby blue oxford shirt, white sweater vest, jeans and penny loafers).

We were at the gym for a chunk of the afternoon, but I'm pleased to say that Kira can now do a back handspring.  She's in the second row next to the red bunting on the trampoline (she's looking at the camera).

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