Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Blinked

Tonight, we rushed over to church so Kira could get her First Communion pictures taken with her class.  Her actual First Communion is next weekend, but they took the photos tonight.  After the photo shoot, I snapped a few pictures in the back of the church.  When we got home, I was feeling a bit weepy, so I pulled out her Baptism picture.  She has grown into a beautiful young lady in the time it took me to blink my eyes.  I cannot believe how much she has grown!  By the way, veils are a giant pain in the bottom to keep straight on a wiggly girl's head and Kira kept complaining about how difficult poofy dresses are to sit in.  I told her to wait until she gets married because those dresses are poofier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I pulled out an older outfit that now fits since I've lost weight.  Everything is from Ann Taylor and is about four or five years old.   I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.  It's been a very hectic close week and I'm ready for it to be done.  At least the weekend won't be busy (HAHAHAHAHA!)

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