Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Acres

This morning's goal was to work on my blog smile.  I still think I look cheesy, but it's better than yesterday's! 

My outfit is almost entirely from the Limited, except the blouse is from Talbots.  I originally had this paired with a scarf, but I looked like a dork, so I changed it to a necklace.  Then, the necklace looked ridiculous, so I paired it back to my omega necklace.  I think if I wear this combination again, I won't tuck it in, because I look like I have a muffin belly.  I really don't, but you can't tell from the outfit.  I'm back to wearing flats this week because my back is sore again.  I don't like flats with most dressy combinations, but I'm opting for not being in intense pain over wearing pretty shoes this week.  I definitely don't think I'll wear these shoes with a skirt again, but oh my, they were comfortable today.  I tell Kira that "pretty hurts", so let's keep the reason for my comfortable shoes our little secret.

I also snapped a pix of my funky yellow nails.  I'll be sporting these until tomorrow and then I'll change colors.   I was in a meeting this afternoon and I had to highlight one part of my notes and the nail color matched the highlighter perfectly!

Well, it's off to go watch the last hour of Kira's gymnastics practice!  Have a nice evening everyone!

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