Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emergency Surgery

Last night, my daughter was very upset because Raspberry the Monkey had a hole in his head.  It was a large hole and apparently the monkey was in pain.

One of my mommy skills is stuffed animal surgery, so after making sure the monkey wouldn't feel any pain, or bite me (verbal confirmation from Kira that the monkey wouldn't do that), I started sewing up his wounds.

Now, Raspberry is healed and the disaster was averted.  Phew!

It was a little cold today, but I really wanted us to wear these outfits.  So, we put them on and have been freezing ever since.  It doesn't seem to bother my daughter, but I was sold, so after church, I changed my top for a sweater and a jean jacket.  Now it's off to Chinese School.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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