Monday, May 20, 2013

A Funny Story

I steamed my clothes for the week last night and laid them all out across my room for this week like I normally do.   I had paired this outfit with a cute, light yellow blazer.  I got dressed this morning, took the shots for the blog, looked at the shots, and went off to work.  I did all of this thinking I was wearing the yellow blazer.  I got halfway to work this morning, looked down and thought, "This isn't a yellow blazer."  Then I thought, "What on earth am I wearing?"  It took another moment or two to realize I was wearing a pink blazer.  Then another couple of moments to determine if it looked ok.  Keep in mind, I had taken photos of myself AND looked at them this morning.  I honestly think I slept through it all and didn't quite wake up until halfway to work.  Kind of funny and scary at the same time.


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