Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Remix

The weather really heated up yesterday afternoon and the outfit I wore in the morning was way too hot for the afternoon.  I didn't feel like completely changing, so I took the jacket off, rolled up the cuffs on my shirt and threw on my new obnoxious shorts from the Gap.  I kept the belt I had on in the morning because honestly, it was already out of the closet already, and voila - my Spring Fling Festival outfit.

Today, it's going to be in the eighties and I actually looked at the weather before getting dressed.  This outfit should make it through the day.  I purchased the capris on major sale at Loft yesterday and they are super comfortable!  Actually, to come clean, the shirt, the jeans and the necklace are all new.   I couldn't pass up the necklace at Talbots because a) it was 30% off and I had a $25 dividend coupon and b)  it has a nautical feel and I think I can pair it with a bunch of stuff in my wardrobe.  There were a couple of other acquisitions at Talbots, but I'll save that discussion for another day.


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