Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Splinter

I was waiting for a co-worker to show up at a meeting this morning when I looked down at my hand and noticed a splinter in my finger.  Dang it.  Now I knew it was going to bug me all stinking day until I had a chance to dig it out. I tried to ignore it because it really didn't hurt, but it screamed at me all day, "Look at me!  I'm not supposed to be in your finger!"  When I got home tonight, Kira was fascinated with my problem.  "Will it hurt?"  "Yes, it will hurt."  "Will you cry?"  "No, I will not cry."  "How will you get it out?"  "I will dig it out."  "Won't that hurt?"  " Yes, yes it will."  The splinter was in my right hand and I'm right handed, so it was a little tricky to get out.  At one point, I turned the tweezers over to Kira and let her try to dig it out.  She couldn't do any worse than I was doing.  She dove right in and tried really hard to get it out. Finally, we pushed the skin together under the splinter, popped it out and grabbed it with the tweezers.  Teamwork!

Splinter Free Smiles!

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