Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some Grandma's Pearls

One of my staff asked me today what was up with my conservative attire this week.  They went on to say that it wasn't that I don't dress professionally, but I was just dressing subdued.  I had to fess up that I've had this outfit in the queue for about nine months and need to clean out the space where it was residing to store other outfit combinations and decided I better actually wear this outfit.   Then I had to explain what my queue is.

Early in my accounting career,  I periodically would work 12-14 hours days especially during closings.  To save time during the week, I started coming up with a bunch of outfit ideas over the weekend and then I'd get them steamed and ready to go.  Since we adopted Kira, I don't have the inclination to put in so many hours at work anymore, but I still continue the practice of getting my outfits together over the weekend.  The problem is, I always plan more outfits than work days in case I'm not feeling a particular outfit combination during the actual work week. Over time, I wind up with this backlog of outfits that don't get worn because I've come up with other outfits that I like better and I'm too lazy to stop and put the clothing components back into my closet for the outfit combinations I've not gotten around to wearing.  This week, I noticed I was down to only two more outfits on the back of my closet door and I really want to use the space for new outfit combos I have floating around in my head.  Thus, my conservative attire for today.


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