Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pattern Mixing

This blog has been good for me because it's forced me to try different things outside of my comfort zone.  It's also shown me what really looks good on me and what really really doesn't.  It's also shown me that I really need to wear lipstick because as I age, I've become paler and I look washed out if I'm not wearing it.  I've also found that I love wearing bright red lipstick - shocking!  One of the most interesting things I've discovered about myself is I actually am enjoying pattern mixing.  I used to think it was for the younger set and not for people of my age or profession, but I've found that if I don't go too crazy, I think I can actually get away with it!

Today's outfit was thrown together at the last minute last night.  I was thinning the blouses in my closet and came across this blouse and decided it really needed to be paired with my knit striped jacket.  I think because the blouse has cross stripes on it, it doesn't compete with the horizontal stripes. 


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