Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Week!

One of our business divisions is celebrating Beach Week this week and this year, they opened up the celebration to the entire Company.  So, the "Fun Committees" of both our locations were charged with the task of coming up with fun events for each location to join in the celebration.  I head up the committee in Cinci and we have an absolutely incredible group of people who volunteer on it. They decorated the Department while I was on PTO on Friday and they texted me some pictures of what it looked like.  So, when I walked in this morning, I was totally shocked to see this.  I'm in the porthole on the left and that's the picture from my ID badge.  This is located right at the base of the escalator so everyone who rides down to our floor will see it.  Thanks guys.  Enjoy your giggle.

 This is the space next to our copier.  Super cool!
 Leis were hand delivered to everyone this morning.  Ta Da!

The leis were itchy, so I wound up wearing it as a bracelet all day.  It was that, or wear it as an anklet and noone needed to see that!

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